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The Mill Stone

Bentley Heath Millstone

The Mill Stone commemorates the site of Bentley Heath Mill, which opened in the late 1820s. It was a three storey building with four sails built on the edge of the heath, where there was good wind.

It stood back and up from the road it gave a name to, the present Mill Lane, previously known as Bentley Heath Road. The first miller was called Richard Beach, but it passed into the ownership of the Chamberlain family, who operated it for two generations.

The first of these, William Chamberlain, added steam as an option for powering the mill on windless days, the second, Thomas Chamberlain, dispensed with wind and removed the sails, and subsequently moved on to oil fuelled power. But on Thomas Chamberlain's death in 1927, the Mill closed and its assets were removed.

Finally, as housing encroached in the post war period, the Mill was demolished. The single millstone now marks its site, amongst the houses of Milton Close, Bentley Heath, now accessed from Widney Road or Slater Road rather than Mill Lane.