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Tilehouse Green

Old Cottage, Tilehouse Green

The hamlet of Tylers Green grew around marl pits, dug for the production of tiles, which is believed to have begun in this vicinity in the 1500s. Known subsequently as Tilehurst Green and now Tilehouse Green, only a few of the old cottages remain.

To have a moated house was an in thing at one time, it kept out the unwanted, and that included damp! And a moated house stood off the present Browns Lane before each of these cottages was built. The house is long gone, but its moat is evidenced today by a remaining pond which can be found near Mallender Drive.

Some older buildings, though, do remain. Oak Cottage (pictured), on Tilehouse Green Lane near its junction with Hallcroft Way, is about 300 years old. A pair of old cottages, now combined as one, on Tilehouse Green Lane at its junction with Longdon Road, is over 200 years old. Marlpitts Cottage, on Browns Lane, at its junction with Tilehouse Green Lane, is over 150 years old.

The former Tilehouse Green Farm stood on Tilehouse Green Lane, between Longdon Road and Hallcroft Way, until redevelopment saw its demolition and replacement by three Bryant homes in the early 1970s.