Walk from Dorridge Village Hall (about 2.7 miles)

A pleasant family walk around the fields and lanes, and across the streams, between Dorridge and Box Trees, as well as Dorridge Park.

Recommended from mid March to end October, it can be very wet under foot in places during winter.

The start is from Dorridge Village Hall, where there is a substantial Car Park. (The Village Hall is signposted from Grange Road, near the junction with Earlswood Road.)

Those keen on post walk refreshment might wish to note that the Railway Inn is only about 100 yards further along Grange Road.


Dorridge Village Hall

From the Car Park at Dorridge Village Hall (pictured), follow the path across the front of the Hall towards the left which then passes through a hedge. Turn right onto the path into the Park.

On crossing the bridge over the stream at the entrance to the park, turn immediately right between the stream and the childrens playground. Follow this edge of the Park along the course of the stream.

Footbridge From Park

Adjacent to a red box on a post provided for dog walkers, and in line with a row of mature trees across the Park, is an exit across a wooden bridge (pictured) with a boardwalk on the far side.

Follow this and proceed straight ahead up a well defined straight path to a stile on Windmill Lane.

Stile Beyond windmill Lane

Directly across Windmill Lane is another stile. Cross this and follow the path up the hill, past a derelict building and along to the corner of a tapering field where another stile is found beneath a mature tree (pictured).

Cross this stile, follow the path down the edge of the next field with the hedge on your left to another stile. Cross this and turn left, again keeping a hedge on your left.

View to Grange Road

You will then come to a wide farm track (pictured) that leads to your right.

Follow this and it leads to Grange Road (at the distant hedge in the picture).

On reaching Grange Road, near Ivy House Farm, turn left along it for some 70 yards.

Stile from Grange Road

On the opposite side of Grange Road you will then see a stile (pictured) near a lamp post. Cross this stile and follow the path to another stile in the opposite hedge (the path and far stile can just be seen above the first stile in the picture).

Cross the second stile and you will then reach a footbridge.


Cross the footbridge (pictured) which leads to a field adjacent to the buildings of Ivy House Farm, there is a well defined path slightly to the left across the field (again this can be discerned in the picture).

At the far side of this field there is a farm track to be crossed. Resist the obvious temptation to follow this track.

Pathway between Hedges

Instead, on the other side of this track is a small wooden bridge with a footpath arrow on a post beside it (pictured). This bridge leads to a dark, sometimes overgrown and sometimes wet underfoot path through the hedge and thicket. This takes you up into a field.

Keep the hedge of this field on your right and follow the path to the top of the hill.

View Towards Box trees

At the top is a fine vista across the fields (pictured) to Box Trees, the petrol station on the Stratford Road clearly visible on the horizon, and it is towards that that we now walk. Follow the hedge to the bottom of field, turn left along the hedge at the bottom (which can be seen in the picture).

At the end of this hedge is a footbridge across the stream. Cross this and follow the clearly defined path up across the next field, straight ahead.

At the top of this field cross a small bridge in the hedge and continue in the small direction towards a group of trees (pictured) in the next hedge.

The path passes through the hedge to right of the tall central tree and onto another farm track. Turn right onto this track and keep the hedge to your right.

The track then passes through a gap in the hedge to a junction. Continue along the track in the same direction, but now with the hedge on your left (pictured), to Box Trees Road.

Turn right along Box Trees Road and across the front of Yew Tree Cottage.


Stile After Yew Tree Cottage

Past Yew Tree Cottage and the field beyond it is a signpost and stile (pictured) on the same side of the road.

Cross this stile, and follow the track with the hedge on your right. Across the fields to the left some houses of Earlswood Road can be seen through the intervening trees. Continue until you reach the corner of the field.


Pathway Between Fields

This brings you to a gap in the hedge (pictured) which you pass through, and proceed with the hedge now on your left.

At this stage (out of shot to the right of the picture) the Nursery buildings and adjacent Vodaphone tower, off Grange Road, can be seen across the field.

Continue with this hedge on your left until you reach the corner of the next field.

The path goes into the hedge at the very corner of the field (pictured) where you find a hidden footbridge to the adjacent field. At this point, more houses in Earlswood Road can be seen at the opposite side of a field which you do not enter (these can just be discerned in the picture, through the gap in the hedge).

You continue along the edge of this next field, keeping the hedge to your left.

About two thirds of way along the field, this hedge becomes a fence. Where it does so there is a stile (pictured). Cross this stile into a small field, across which a well defined path leads diagonally to a further stile at Earlswood Road.

At Earlswood Road you turn right and follow it to the junction with Grange Road and return to the Village Hall Car Park.