Walk from Knowle to River Blythe and Grand Union (about 3 miles)

An easy family walk around the fields and lanes and along sections of the banks of the Blythe and the Grand Union, this walk is ideal for beginners and may not even demand proper walking footwear from June to September when the route is usually dry.

Recommended from mid March to end October, it can be wet under foot in a few places during winter.

Please note also that the route involves walking along short sections of Kixley Lane where traffic is negligible, Hampton Road which is very busy and a long section of Eaves Green Lane which is not particularly busy but is narrow without verges and could be a potential danger to children.

The start is from any Car Park in Knowle although that between the Greswolde Arms and the Church is particularly convenient.

Those keen on post walk refreshment will find the Wilson Arms at the very end of the route.


Primary School Entrance

From the Car Park behind Kimbells Walk and Brisker Court, proceed to the corner by the entrance to Knowle Primary School (pictured). Continue along the path which takes you behind the Churchyard and into the Recreation Field. Continue along the bottom of the field. go through the gate and turn left into Kixley Lane. (This path can be wet early in the season and the alternative is to go to Kxley Lane via Kenilworth Lane).


Canal Bridge

Continue along Kixley Lane, cross the canal bridge (pictured), pass the entrance to Kixley Farm and proceed through the kissing gate..


Follow the path across the footbridge (pictured) and up to a stile by the hedge (seen between the trees to the right of the picture). Cross the stile and continue up the hill along the edge of the field with this hedge on your right. This eventually brings you to another stile and out onto Elvers Green Lane, where you turn left.

Blythe Bridge

Contuine along Elvers Green Lane, past Elvers Green Farm, and under legs of the National Grid twice until you reach the crossing of the River Blythe (pictured), with its footbridges for times of flooding.

Stile at Blythe Bridge

At the end of the second footbridge there is a stile (pictured). Cross this into the field and follow the path between the field and the river.

Footbridge Over Blythe

Follow the river until reaching the footbridge (pictured), which is crossed into the field beyond.

Track Across Field

The path here crosses the field at an angle towards the opposite side n the far left. (It can be seen as a strip of darker grass in the picture.) There is a pylon on the hill almost directly behind the access to the next field, to which you will be walking.

Across Field Between Trees

Here, a clearly defined track (pictured) leads up the field between two trees and towards a distant barn. At the top of the field, turn left for some 20 yards or so and then right into the next field.

Past Barn on Hill

Here you continue up the hill, keeping the barn on your right and the hedge on your left. (Both can be seen in the picture).

Track Coninues Up Hill

At the top of the field, the track splits and there is a temptation to turn right, but the route goes straight on, up the hill, between a series of posts on your right and hedge on your left (pictured).


Passing To Left of Pylon

Approaching the top of the hill the track passes through the hedge and continues in the same direction. Now the hedge is on your right and you pass by a pylon (pictured). Continue along this path until you reach the farm buildings.


Between Farm Buildings

Again the track splits and now there is a temptation to go left, but continue straight on between the buildings of Waterfield Farm (pictured), out to the entrance gate and down the left hand drive to Hampton Road. Turning left onto Hampton Road, you almost immediately come to the canal bridge where you turn left, down onto the towpath.


Canal Footbridge Follw the towpath until you come to the next footbrige (pictured), which you cross into the field beyond. Proceed along the right hand side of the field which sweeps up and around to go through a wide gap into the next field. Half way along this second field is a stile.
Stile in the Hedge Cross this stile (pictured) through the hedge and into the adjacent field. Here the path splits. The left hand fork is an option to take you back to Kixley Lane at the next hedge. But this route takes the other path, straight ahead across the field.
Path Crosses Footbridge

This takes you across a bridge (pictured) and onto to the corner of the cricket ground by the telephony mast. Then follow the path up to the left of the cricket and football grounds to join Hampton Road. Turn left, walk up to the Wilson Arms and turn left on the High Street to return to your car.