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Our Councillors


The B93 area is part of two wards of Solihull Council, Knowle ward and Dorridge and Hockley Heath ward, each served by three councillors.

In Knowle ward the councillors are:

Mrs Diana Holl-Allen MBE (Con) 38 Hansell Drive, Dorridge, B93 8RG Tel: 01564 774656 Email: dhollallen@solihull.gov.uk

Jeff Potts (Ind) 46 Langfield Road, Knowle, Solihull, B93 9PS Tel: 01564 774804 Email: jpotts@solihull.gov.uk

Alan Rebeiro (Ind) 36 Alveston Grove, Knowle, Solihull, B93 9NX Tel: 01564 200047 Email: arebeiro@solihull.gov.uk.

In Dorridge and Hockrey Heath ward, the councillors are:

Ian Courts (Con) (Deputy Mayor) 89 Station Road, Balsall Common, Solihull, CV7 7FN, Tel: 01 676 535490 Email: icourts@solihull.gov.uk

Andy Mackiewicz (Con) 4 Manor Road, Dorridge, Solihull, B93 8DX, Tel: 01564 230294 Email: amackiewicz@solihull.gov.uk

Ken Meeson (Con) (Leader of Conservative Group) (Leader of the Council) 9 Glendon Way, Dorridge, Solihull, B93 8SY, Tel: 01564 777772 Email: kmeeson@solihull.gov.uk.

See Solihull Council's 'Your Councillors' page.