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Parks and Environment

Floral Display

Solihull Council manages the local parks and open spaces. These include:

  • Dorridge Park, which the assocaited Dorridge Wood, created from farm and woodland donated to the Council in 1969, the Wood being a remnant of much larger wood known to have been recorded in 1556. There are entrances with car parks at Arden Road and near Dorridge Village Hall.
  • Knowle Park, with entrances off Longdon Road (car park), Lodge Road, Landor Road and Purnells Way. It was part of the grounds of Longdon Hall which were bought by the Council in 1946.
  • Bentley Heath Recreation Ground, a walking and sports area with football field, multi-purpose court and small skate boarding area with entrances from Widney Road (car park) and Redhouse Close (off Slater Road).

The Council also take responsibility for the appearance and maintenance of public areas, including maintainance of highways, footways and street light lighting, floral and other displays at roundabouts and in shopping areas etc. The Neighbourhood Management team identify problems and problem areas and work with partner organisations to tackle them. They have drawn up Local Area Action Plans to bring real improvements to the street scene and local environment in the short and longer term iwth the aim of making the area a better place to live environmentally and to help to reduce the fear of crime. Knowle's Neighbourhood Co-ordinator is Kerry Mountjoy and can be contacted by email.

There is an opportunity to support the Council by becoming an an Environment Champion, for those with an interest in protecting and improving Solihull's environment, and the quality of life of those living within it, see http://www.solihull.gov.uk/Resident/Leisure-parks/parks-and-open-spaces/Your-Community.